Cock fight is an ancient sport which is popular in many courtiers and banned in many countries as well. When it comes to these fighting games, it is not possible for all the rosters to fight. There are some special kinds of breeds which are special trained and taken care of for this particular purpose. The below are some of the famous breeds for cockfighting.


This is one type of rooster which is good at flying and it is one of the rare breed. This is something different from the normal roster. The color the feathers and legs are yellow or golden on color.


This is a type of classical rooster, which can be seen in any farms. This type of breed is very well at fighting both up and down. Among many different types of roosters this breed is very intelligent and powerful.


This type of breed fights is very aggressive, which is one of the important characteristic to win the game.  Compared with the different types of roosters this has become a slower one. You can’t make this rooster to fight will all other types of roosters.

Like these there are many different types of roosters available. If you wish to participate in these types of fighting games, it is not as easy as you think. You have to train a rooster properly and grow it with proper nutrition.

Now these types of cock fighting games are the best gambling games among many countries. There are plenty of websites which are available for this purpose. If you wish to bet on our favorite rooster you have to select the website which is safe and secured. Also make sure that it is legal and has government license, because in many countries these types of games are banned due to the welfare of birds.

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